Sarah graduated from the University of Hull in 2015 with an MA in Military History. Her love of Egypt stems from her Undergraduate studies in Egyptology via the University of Manchester. A member of the ASTENE society, she has presented at UK Postgraduate conferences on Soldiering in Egypt and remains passionately committed to ensuring these remarkable histories are preserved.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Sarah,
    Your pages are well done; we share common interests – Egypt and military history.
    My mother was born in Port Said in 1915 and her family were French – in Egypt since the construction of the Suez Canal. Her mother married (again) an Australian from the 9 LHR of the AIF in 1916, after reovering from sickness from his time in Gallipoli. He spent the rest of the war with the ANZAC Provost Corps and left with his wife for Australia in 1919. My mother remained in Egypt.
    My father was a regular in the Royal Air Force, joining in 1935 and posted to Egypt in 1938. He married my mother in St Joseph’s Church, Cairo in 1941. My parents left Egypt in late 1942 to return to England by sea. (Obviously, they made it…) I was born in 1943.
    I have a done a fair amount of research and pictures on both sides of my family and their connection with Egypt. I have also spent time in Cairo retracing steps.
    Having said all this, I am perfectly willing to share what I have with you to publish on your website.
    Very best wishes – Tom

    • Hi Tom, thanks for your message, what a great family history! how do you fancy being a Guest Blogger? Im sure people would be fascinated to read about your family history …

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