Viscount David Andrew Noel Stuart (Alamein Memorial – Column 19)

Viscount David Andrew Noel Stuart was the son of Arthur Stuart, M.C., 7th Earl Castle Stewart, and Eleanor the Countess Castle Stewart, of Nutley, Sussex, and Stewartstown, County Tyrone. Viscount Stuart received his education at Eton College and Trinity College, Cambridge where he studied Languages prior to joining the service. He joined the 11th Hussars on 15th July 1942 and was described as a fine and extremely promising troop leader,  one much liked by his men.

Viscount David Noel Andrew Stuart, 11th Hussars

232729 Lieutenant David Andrew Noel Stuart

Age 21, Royal Armoured Corps, 11th Hussars, Panel Reference:Column 19, Alamein Memorial 

The War Diaries for the 11th Hussars state that enemy aircraft, including ME 109’s and CR 42’s attacked them at 1300 hrs on the 10th of November 1942. They came under further attack at 1500 hrs by a total of 7 ME109’s. The attack lasted for 25 minutes and consisted of bouncing bombs are low level machine gun strafing. Lieutenant D.A.N. Stuart, aged 21, was killed in this action and his driver – operator, Trooper Cahill was severely wounded. Three lorries were also destroyed in the course of the attack.The diaries state that Lieutenant Stuart will be greatly missed by his squadron and that he was buried near Bir Bibni 376354 by Major Wainman and Captain Wright (Doctor).

He is commemorated on column 19 of the Alamein Memorial in Egypt, the Stewartstown Cenotaph and on a Memorial Plaque in Donaghendry Church of Ireland, Stewartstown.


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