A Warm Welcome

The Western Front has long remained the main focus for European commemoration of the First World War however the campaigns which took place away from the Western Front allow us to situate the war and post war operations in a global context.

My research examines the work of the Imperial War Graves Commission (I.W.G.C) in Egypt – focusing upon the creation of the Great War cemeteries and memorials in Cairo, Alexandria and the Suez Canal zone. Whilst we have a well-documented knowledge of Imperial policy over Egypt few academic studies exist which document how British rule there functioned on a day to day basis. By studying the establishment of the IWGC in Egypt my research will aim to cast new light on Britain’s middle years in Egypt which saw formal imperial control succeeded by informal hegemony.

Ill be using this blog to share stories, articles and short pieces of writing on the British and Commonwealth presence in Egypt. My ongoing research is a result of the fascination and respect I have long held for Egypt – a country with a rich, complex history so sit back, read on and enjoy.